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Racing and Water-Activities

37 Members
The Lightning, a 19-foot centerboard dingy, is the largest of the club's fleet boats. The Lightning is raced with a crew of three under a mainsail, jib, and spinnaker. More than 18,000 Lightnings have been built and fleets exist throughout the world. Veteran racers are eager to share their skills with novices and help them acquire the skills with novices and help them acquire the skills they need to win. The 2024 Fleet Captain is Ann Siegle The Lightning is a big family daysailing boat with performance features. It's easily sailed by two people, raced by three, but can carry four adults (and maybe a few kids) for daysailing. The Lightning is popular among post-collegiate racing sailors as there is a large contingent of younger sailors, boats can be found at all price points.
24 Members
The Wayfarer is a 16-foot centerboard dingy, and is a growing fleet at the Lansing Sailing Club. This boat is sailed all over the world and has an active group of sailors in the US. The Wayfarer is raced with a crew of two under a mainsail, jib, and spinnaker. For day sailing, three or four can comfortably sail in the boat. There are yearly week-long "sail-camping" rallies for Wayfarer sailors in the U.S., Canada, and Europe. Veteran sailors in the Lansing Sailing Club are always eager to help new sailors get started.
44 Members
The Laser is a 14-foot, single-handler with a mainsail. As of 1993, it also is an Olympic class boat. Sometimes described as a physically demanding boat, the Laser, nevertheless, attracts sailors from teenagers to senior citizens. Many beginning sailors learn racing in a Laser. This fleet races on Wednesday evenings from Memorial Day until early September. We have the largest racing Laser fleet in Michigan. The 2024 Fleet Captain is Dillon McCormick
38 Members
Easy to sail and a great beginner's boat that also can challenge the most seasoned sailor, the 14-foot Sunfish attracts sailors at all levels of skill. The sunfish sails under a single, low-profile lateen sail, that is simple to rig and control. The boat is usually raced solo, but readily accommodates two. The Sunfish fleet races on Wednesdays. The 2024 Fleet Captains are Julie Pierce, Alanna Harvey and Maribeth Fletcher
10 Members
The Opti is a small very stable trainer pram, often a young sailor's first boat. Optis are used at LSC for holiday racing, daysailing, and youth sailing classes.
40 Members
Family Fun Nights, and campouts - join other LSC families with kids for cookouts, fun on the water, educational events, and enjoyment of our own "local getaway"!
59 Members
Moonlight sailing nights, themed sailing events.