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High School Sailing Teams

Get into the thrill of interscholastic sailing! Student in grades 7-12 train at Lansing Sailing Club, in Interscholastic High School Sailing (ISSA) sanctioned teams, and race against other high school sailing teams in the Midwest and U.S. during the Spring and Fall Seasons.

With water spray splashing off the bows of sailboats, the countdown horn sounds one long blast - one minute to go - as teams of two each steer and weave their boats, with shouts of HEADUP! and STARBOARD! and NO ROOM!, charge at full speed into strategic places near the starting line. We dodge boats and secure a wind-favored spot near the right side of the line.

The horn sounds three short blasts - 30 seconds - as a long row of boats now in position slow and jostle at the line, champing like horses ready to run. 10 second - one short blast, and we pull in our sails and start with speed down the line. FIVE FOUR THREE TWO OOOOOOONE - horns final blast as sails come in full, we lean back for more power, and the boats charge across the starting line, we strain to get our bow out ahead.

Our boat springs out ahead, getting more fresh wind ands starts to gain!

Now the challenge of upwind boat, crossing, mark roundings, downwinds, finishes - employing speed, strategy, tactics, strong teamwork, hard training and regatta lessons, smooth boat handling and balance, keen read of the wind shifts, sneaky passes downwind, crafty strategy, fierce attack and defense, gumption and guts - it's all making this look like a great race, I think we got this!

Sound like fun? Join the Team!


Fall Season start mid-August with setup and practices, and adds competitions Sept-mid November. Spring Season runs mid-March with setup and practices, adding competitions in April and May, and runs until the end of March. Summer Fleet racing and Classes during the summer add the opportunity for more time on the water and racecouse, cross training in all kinds of sailboats


Teams are formed and charted with the national authority - Interscholastic Sailing Association - in the name of the school attended. Students that are in 7-8th grade join the team where they will attend High School, and homeschooled students join the local High School team their tax dollar fund.


Regattas (competitions) are scheduled on Saturdays, and usually run 8-4pm. Our Regatta attendance schedule is set at the start of the season with input from racers families, and take place at Michigan Yacht Clubs and Sailing Centers, with additional regattas in Chicago and Cleveland. Tier 3 Regattas are the vast majority of regattas, and are open to all skill levels. Tier 2 and 1 Regattas are the Championship level regattas where higher level racers can strive for the national finals.


Fees are $125 for Fall Season and $100 for Spring - with low-cost equipment rentals if families do not purchase their own cold-weather apparel. Sailboats are provided both for practices and at the regattas. Regattas individually charge entrance fees around $20-$30, often with snacks and full lunch provided.



Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join/tryout?

Newbies and current sailors grade 6-12 are all welcome to speak to a coach or come to a practice or open house to see if High Sailing is for them. Ability to attend most practices (twice a week 5-7:30pm during the Seasons) and scheduled regattas will make a good racer. Students will limited availability are still welcome to come and get their feet wet, race as alternates, and become full-timers when their availability opens up. Racing is part of our training process, so student get time -no one has to be benched, and the league emphasises getting kids on the water. Experience on the racecourse makes the best racers.

What Are the Organizations Involved?

Teams are registered with and participate in sanctioned regattas through the Interscholastic Sailing Association (ISSA), the national authority for high school sailing. Founded back in the 30s with east coast prep school racing, the ISSA is coast to coast, with almost 600 member schools. The format of two-person racing in 420 Class sailboats is the same as College Sailing.We work closely with our local and regional ISSA reps.  

Lansing Sailing Club (LSC) is the hosting organization for our Teams, together with School Clubs, coaches, parents, and racers, chartering and funding High School Racing at Lake Lansing. LSC was founded in 1963 and a non-profit all volunteer Club for racing, family day-sailing, sharing the joy of racing and sailing.

We work with local sailing and boating organization for support and further resources, including Michigan State University Sailing Center and Spartan Sailing Team, and Americas Boating Club aka the US Power Squadron.

Where do we practice/train?

The program is held at the Lansing Sailing Club and on the waters of Lake Lansing. The Lansing Sailing Club is at 6039 E. Lake Drive, Haslett, MI, on the east side of Lake Lansing.

Who are the Instructors and Coaches?

Instruction and coaching is provided under the direction of LSC, US Sailing, and Royal Yachting trained and certified instructors and coaches. The instructors and coaches enjoy working with youth sailors, love to sail and have years of experience racing and sailing a wide range of sailing craft.


420 Class Sailboats are standard for both High School and College Racing.

What to Bring With Me?

Here is a checklist of generally to wear and bring when getting on a sailboat :

    • Type III life jacket - must fit. The Lansing Sailing Club does have life jackets for those who do not have their own.
    • Submersible clothing like workout or athletic wear - expect to get wet in Lake.
    • Wear closed toed secure footwear - no hard soled dress shoes or flip flops/spongy crocs.
    • A water bottle.
    • Sunscreen if needed.
    • Eyeglass holders if the sailor wears glasses (glasses are very easily lost in the lake).
    • Towel and change of clothing so as to go home in dry clothes.
    • Do secure long loose hair down with hair tie and/or hat/cap/buff/etc- long loose hair can get caught in boat parts.   
    • Do not wear dangly jewelry. Loose chains etc. easily hook and pull off into the deep of Lake Lansing.